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Radio and Television from Around the World

Our Mission

The goal of Broacast-live.com is to help you easily find international, multilingual radio and TV broadcasts that represent a broad spectrum of opinion.

We believe that is important to listen to both our friends and our adversaries and to better understand their values, cultures and aspirations.

We also believe that learning foreign languages and working or traveling abroad helps make us more tolerant, compassion and open-minded people. 

Our Content

We maintain a human-compiled directory of international broadcasters. We do not broadcast or webcast ourselves.

Our repository includes links to many state-owned broadcasters such as the BBC, CBC and VOA. It also includes mainstream broadcasters as well as small independently owned stations.

Our content is organized by originating country, broadcast language and category to help you quickly access relevant and interesting content.

Our History

Broadcast-live.com was launched in March 1999. We are proud to have provided an international perspective of news and current events both in good times and in times of political crisis, war and natural disaster.

Our Funding

This website is funded solely by the advertisements that appear on its pages.  We do not accept payment to include broadcasters in our repository.  We reserve the right to include and exclude stations based solely on our editorial principals.

Our Future

We plan to further expand our site to include additional broadcasting languages. We will continually strive to maintain and improve our content, particular during times of political crisis and conflict.

We have recently upgraded our site to HTML5/CSS3 in order to make it more accessible on tablets and smart phones.


This site is dedicated to the many men and women who are injured, tortured and killed each year while attempting to report news. For those of us who have lived in countries where human rights are routinely violated and reporters are imprisoned, we particularly appreciated their sacrifices.

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We are always interested in your comments and suggestions.  Our contact information is available on our corporate site: